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  • How to treat fungal diseases with varnish. What to look for when choosing a tool. The most effective formulation of active substances.
    24 May 2022
  • How to identify fungus on legs and how to get rid of it? Effective means of traditional medicine and its applications.
    17 May 2022
  • How to effectively treat toenail fungus at home? This will help with folk recipes of garlic, iodine, lemon, soda.
    6 May 2022
  • Persons in contact with nail fungus: dermatologist or mycologist. The first sign that you should see a doctor. General principles of treatment of onychomycosis.
    20 April 2022
  • The article discusses how to treat fungus on the legs between the fingers, the characteristics of modern treatments and the complete elimination of mycosis on the legs.
    18 April 2022
  • Treating nail fungus with folk remedies is relevant and effective. Learn how to get rid of sickness without the use of medicinal preparations - with the help of soda, iodine, propolis, kombucha and others.
    15 April 2022
  • Signs of leg fungus depend on the type of pathogen of the infection process and the volume of feet and nails affected, and vary somewhat at different stages.
    7 April 2022
  • To get rid of this problem quickly, it is necessary to learn more about how to treat leg fungus at home.
    6 April 2022
  • How does the fungus on the legs manifest? How to treat him? What are the routes of infection? Symptoms and diagnosis of disease. pharmacological means. Folk recipes to fight infection.
    3 April 2022
  • It's not always possible to get rid of nail fungus quickly, but you shouldn't delay treatment either, as there are many proven ways to guarantee that the disease will go away. This article contains effective ways to fight fungal infections.
    3 April 2022
  • Characteristics of the use of toenail fungus drops, the effect and use of the drug, contraindications.
    2 April 2022
  • Causes, symptoms and signs, types of toenail fungus in children and adults. Possible complications and prevention of infection.
    1 April 2022
  • Use celandine to treat nail fungus. The substance that makes up plant sap makes it possible to use it to destroy fungi. Traditional medicine recipes for treating fungal infections with celandine.
    1 April 2022
  • Rules for using apple cider vinegar to get rid of toenail fungus: vinegar recipes and their uses.
    1 April 2022
  • How the initial stages of toenail fungus manifest: characteristic signs and symptoms. Methods of treating onychomycosis with medicines and folk remedies. prevent an infection.
    31 March 2022
  • Rules for the treatment of nail fungus folk remedies: the best and most effective recipes.
    19 March 2022
  • What is athlete's foot. Why does it happen. How to treat fungus with folk remedies. How to treat with medication. How to treat during pregnancy.
    28 February 2022
  • It is recommended to study how to use folk remedies to treat tinea pedis at home, because it is easier to get rid of the infection in the early stage. Learn more about effective recipes.
    26 November 2021
  • Fungal infections of the toes are a very common disease. Why does it appear and how does it express itself? How to cure fungal infections with traditional and folk remedies? The answer in the article.
    23 August 2021
  • Itching between the fingers is a fairly common disease in the population. Usually, this is just a symptom of another disease. It can be anything: from genetic problems to fungal diseases.
    25 June 2021
  • What kind of "fairy tale" does not have "experts" about onychomycosis, a fungal infection that affects nails. Let's talk about nail fungus without myths and misunderstandings.
    16 June 2021
  • Fungal infections (mycoses) are different. You may notice some changes in the skin or nail plate. It remains to be determined whether it is a fungus.
    5 June 2021
  • Cracks between fingers may be the result of skin and nail fungus: causes, clinical manifestations, treatments.
    26 May 2021
  • There are two types of fungi, and their causes are very similar to those caused by the same virus. Foot fungus, nail fungus: the spread of infection symptoms, how to prevent the appearance of fungus and treat it.
    23 April 2021
  • The fungus of the nail is onychomycosis, which can cause nail deformation. Learn about nail fungus, the causes and remedies of nail treatment.
    18 April 2021
  • By reading this article, you will learn how to use folk remedies and medicine to cure toenail fungus.
    14 April 2021
  • The best treatment for toenail fungus and how to treat this infection cheaply? Local preparations, varnishes and folk remedies used for treatment.
    11 April 2021
  • Effective treatments for toenail fungus prepared from pharmacies and at home. How to use them, what are their contraindications and side effects.
    2 April 2021
  • How is the fungus infected? How to prevent fungal infections. Folk remedies and medicinal preparations for fungi. Prevention method.
    2 April 2021
  • Articles about the treatment of toenail fungus, how and how to treat it. Parasitic fungi deposited on the skin can poison anyone's life. In particular, the deposition of fungi on the skin and nails of the feet can cause a lot of trouble and sorrow.
    1 April 2021
  • Fungal diseases can affect all tissues of the body, and even internal organs. If the disease affects the nails, it is called onychomycosis.
    31 March 2021
  • In order to defeat nail fungus, doctors prescribe various remedies for the fungus on the legs. Currently in the pharmacy chain, they appear in many forms-tablets, sprays, varnishes and ointments.
    31 March 2021
  • It is important to know how to recognize nail fungus in the initial stage: how to determine the symptoms of the disease and the initial symptoms and the cause, please read here.
    31 March 2021
  • Few people know what skin fungus on the legs looks like. Unconsciously, many people mistake fungal infections for common irritation or allergic reactions.
    31 March 2021
  • Toenail fungus: The cause, symptoms and appropriate treatment will be recommended by a doctor. Drugs used to treat nail fungus, alternative methods, patient review.
    31 March 2021
  • How to treat toenail fungus at home? What methods, medicines or traditional medicine formulations are used?
    31 March 2021