Preparation of toenail fungus

Any fungal disease is harmful to human health. But when this infection appears on the toenails, the patient still feels some discomfort. Without special treatment, wounds and ulcers may appear on the feet, which can then cause the development of any infection in the body. The toenails look aesthetically unsatisfactory. The person will feel itching and pain. If you use the best toenail fungus therapy, it can be completely cured. Who prescribes toenail fungus treatment?

Infection usually occurs through contact with the patient or the objects he uses. In order to minimize this possibility, personal hygiene rules must be observed even among relatives. Which treatment method to choose? You need to find an effective treatment for toenail fungus.

Signs and treatment of fungus

It is fairly easy to determine the development of fungi. In this case, a characteristic symbol will appear:

  • Grey or dark nails;
  • They will be very fragile and start to collapse and fall off.
  • Itching
  • Mild pain in the affected nail area.

If the disease progresses, seal marks will be observed on the nails, which can complicate the treatment.

Toenail fungus

Modern medicine provides a wide range of medicines to help eliminate fungal infections. Effective treatment will prevent complications from occurring. They can be selected according to the stage and complexity of the disease.

The treatment method is chosen by the doctor. Usually depends on:

  • Affected area;
  • How long the disease lasts;
  • The severity of damage to the toenails;
  • Whether there are obvious complications.

Almost all medicines can kill the infection and prevent the infection from developing again. If necessary, a series of measures can be taken, including the use of tablets and local therapies.

In this case, self-medication is unacceptable because only an expert can assess the developmental stage and determine the necessary procedures.

In order to avoid the development of fungal infections, certain rules must be followed, which will be a way to prevent fungal diseases.

List of rules:

  1. Don't wear or wear other people's shoes.
  2. Socks should be changed every day, and natural materials should be preferred.
  3. After bathing, dry your feet.
  4. Wear special rubber shoes in public swimming pools, saunas, and beaches.

Toenail fungus is not a fatal disease. However, if the recommended rules are not followed or the necessary treatment is not received, it may become a major problem in a person's life. What is the best option and cheap treatment?

Repair varnish

In the early stages of the development of fungal infections on the toenails, drugs can be directly applied to the lesions of the disease. Experts call this method a topical application of the drug. For this purpose, special nail polishes with anti-fungal properties are suitable.

Varnish grades used to treat toenail mycosis:

  • Amorolfine.
  • Cyclopirox.
  • You can use rye enzyme nail polish.

They are similar in nature but slightly different in price. When choosing a varnish, it is best to listen to your doctor's advice. This is the most effective treatment for toenail fungus.

You can choose a cast during the fight against toenail fungus, which will help the affected area to detach.

The treatment of nail fungus with these agents has been going on for a long time. This time can last from six months to one year. In this case, Amorolfine should be used at least 2 times a week. Cyclopirox varnish is used in special courses. When starting treatment in the first month, you need to use it every two days. Then at least once in 7 days, until the nail plate is fully restored.

The convenience of applying varnish to fungus on toenails is that you can use manicure varnish after painting. This can completely hide obvious nail defects and prevent you from wearing closed shoes in the summer.

Pill fungus treatment

If complex developmental stages of the fungus are found on the toenails, the drug should be taken orally. These will be tablets with antifungal properties. The doctor must choose a remedy. These drugs have limitations. It is not recommended to use them in the following situations:

  • The presence of liver disease;
  • Impaired renal function;
  • The drugs used by the patient cannot be combined with prescription drugs.

List of commonly used prescription drugs:

  • Fluconazole.
  • Terbinafine.
  • Ketoconazole.
  • Itraconazole.

Experienced doctors will help you choose the most suitable treatment for each patient. Usually, tablets are used to enhance the therapeutic effect. You need to take it according to the prescribed route.

Ointments and fungal creams can be used for several months or longer, and tablets can be used until the infection is eliminated or under the guidance of a doctor.

The purpose of the tablet is to improve treatment in the event of failure of topical medication. It is recommended to perform a tolerance test before use. Overdose may cause side effects. Not all medicines are suitable for pregnant women, so they can only take any medicine after consulting a doctor.

Fungus topical preparation

You can use different forms of medicine to treat fungal infections on your feet and nails. Toenail fungus can be treated with creams, ointments or sprays. These products are applied directly on the damaged nails to avoid damaging the skin. The active substances they exist will vary.

On the basis of terbinafine, you can use: creams, ointments, sprays.

Creams based on ciclopirox can be used. But these funds are only effective in the early stages of the development of fungal diseases.

Drugs containing bifonazole can destroy the fungus and destroy its protective function.

Common remedies are considered the most effective:

  • Creams containing serconazole;
  • Ointments based on ketoconazole;
  • The drug naftifine;
  • Creams containing oxiconazole;
  • The topical agent chloronitrophenol.

The course of treatment should continue until any signs of mycosis have completely disappeared. Gradually, the nails will fall off and new nails will replace it. Toenail fungus should be treated for several months.

To make sure that the infection has completely disappeared, you need to analyze it. This type of study was conducted 14 days after the end of treatment.

After intensive treatment, the skin on the toes may peel off and turn red. This is due to the long-term effects of the drug on the tissue. In this case, you need to end the treatment and analyze the fungus.

Remedies for nail fungus

There are fungus on the feet, how can I treat them better? The treatment of fungus on the feet and nails will help cure the disease. Before use, you must read the instructions in detail to avoid harm to your health. The preparation of nail fungus may be in the form of ointment, cream or solution.

One of them is Krilin. The drug is sold for veterinary medicine. In terms of its properties, it is a good preservative. It can be used to disinfect and fight parasites. Be extra careful when using Creolin and never allow it to come into contact with healthy tissues. Due to the low cost, some patients prefer this method.

A cream containing celandine, zinc, salicylic acid and oak bark. This is a good remedy. By applying it to the affected area, it can be used to cure toenail fungus. This is done in a compressed form and left on the nail for 4 to 5 hours. If the skin becomes hard in some places, the cream will help soften them.

With this remedy, you can get rid of the infection. But there is a downside-the treated areas will become bright colors.

Lavender or tea tree oil are good preservatives. The benefit of this treatment is that only natural ingredients are used. A mixture made from these oils to which olive oil is added. The treatment will be to apply the mixture to the nails at night. After that, it is best to wear socks to avoid staining the sheets.

It is recommended to use any means to treat toenail fungus only after seeing a doctor. If the patient starts to use ointments or creams, but there is no obvious effect in this case, they need to go to the hospital urgently. The doctor will help you choose an effective treatment for nail fungus. The best option is when all the signs of the disease have completely disappeared.

Funds and their prices

It is possible to evaluate popular drugs and their prices. The effectiveness of a drug does not always depend on its high cost. The right personal choice is an important factor. In some cases, you can cure nail fungus at low cost.

When choosing a treatment for fungi, you not only need to pay attention to its cost. If you have the opportunity to buy similar products at an affordable price, you should take advantage of this offer. However, if the doctor recommends the drug because of other characteristics, it is not worth keeping and allowing the infection to develop further. The medicine you choose will help treat fungal infections on your feet and make them look healthier.